Psychedelic /ˌsaɪkəˈdelɪk/ - Mind manifesting (from "mind", ψυχή (psyche), and "manifest", δήλος (delos)), "To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic"- Humphry Osmond

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Microdosing Research Talk 09/07/19

Posted on September 13, 2019 by D.C. Psychedelic Society

This recording is a talk by Balázs Szigeti, PhD, on a self-blinding microdose study conducted by Imperial College London and the Beckley Foundation. The talk was recorded on September 7, 2019.

D.C. Psychedelic Society POTLUCK!!!

Posted on May 06, 2019 by D.C. Psychedelic Society

Please join the DC Psychedelic Society to meet the local community, eat food that you help provide, talk about what you'd like to create, what you have experienced, what you're curious about when it comes to psychedelics and psychedelic-assisted therapies.

Please bring drinks, snacks, and all your questions!

This potluck is happening in a private building with a lounge area, dining room, and outdoor patio. There is plenty of room for everyone. You'll have room to join one of the large group discussions, to dance, to spread out and play games or craft, and you'll have the space for private conversations.

This is a private residence though so we ask that you respect the space and leave no trace by cleaning up the place.

A large full kitchen is available for you to use, with access to an oven, stove, microwave, and refrigeration. There are also grills located on the patio for those so inclined.

PLEASE RSVP and also, let us know what you are planning to bring! We will create and update a list of needed and confirmed food, drinks, etc.

There is plenty of room for everyone. If you've never been to a DC Psychedelic Society event before, why not make this your first!? All are welcome!

Parking is pretty scarce and we suggest that you either carpool, metro, or use your car service of choice to get here. Seriously, planning to use parking is NOT a good idea. The entrance is handicapped accessible. Please contact us ahead of time if you think you'll need assistance.

There will be a way to anonymously ask us questions if you would prefer not to speak up. We want to remind you that this gathering is a safe space to ask your questions. You aren't alone.

Please contact us below with any questions you may have to include parking (very bad idea!), directions or accessibility.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This is a social gathering and a space for community/education. We do not condone or encourage the use or sale of illegal substances. This is absolutely NOT THE PLACE TO OBTAIN OR CONSUME ANY ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES

we're here, we're high

Posted on December 04, 2018 by D.C. Psychedelic Society

We are exited to present a very special book written by one of the founding members of the D.C. Psychedelic Society, Vincent Allen Rado.

we’re here, we’re high is a book about drugs; specifically, the culture and politics around their use. Topics range from Nancy Reagan and the C.I.A. to Kanye West and 2C-B.

For more information, or for sales inquiries, please contact

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